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GA Life Coaching is a recently-formed life coaching freelancer who oversees a variety of life coaching areas including reinforcing positive thinking, forming and maintaining positive habits, dealing with stress, career coaching and goal setting, achievement and much more.

What is Life Coaching?

Picture a life coach as someone who serves as a companion responsible for providing subtle guidance throughout life as you encounter decisions crucial for your growth and development as a human. In times of vulnerability, it can be hard to open up due to a sense of insecurity hindering you. The goal of a life coach is to serve as a light to lead you through the darkness and assist in helping you diffuse your internal and external struggles and shed them in favour of a confident, self-loving lifestyle. A life coach can be described as someone who provides guidance and advice to promote a better lifestyle of prosperity. 

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How does a life coach help me?

Life coaching can assist greatly in improving your mental well-being and quality of life in a variety of ways: conquering your relationship with anxiety, improving confidence, cultivating relationships, assisting you in forming goals and targets and help to bring clarity and balance into the life you desire.


Among the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic has seen a rise in deteriorating mental health among people, as 4 in 10 adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in a 2021 poll. The goal of a life coach is to provide the best possible service towards individuals who are looking to find balance and growth in their life moving forward.

It is widely acknowledged that the effects of the COVID19 pandemic has left a significant number of individuals riddled with mental blockage, feeling stuck in moments of intense fear and anxiety. It’s within this dire situation that the hand of assistance is offered to those who want and need it.

Why choose GA Life Coaching?

GA Life Coaching passionately seeks to understand the client and their individual needs, prioritizing the client and using empathy and compassion to provide genuine support to the client.

GA Life Coaching takes pride in its values by looking to continually innovate in ways to provide quality assistance to get the client back on their feet in times of uncertainty. In addition to undivided devotion and competitive rates, it is the ultimate duty of GA Life Coaching to equip you with the right tools to challenge yourself and seek self-improvement by overcoming the greatest challenges you are faced with.

Life coaching is a method of rehabilitation which stretches beyond any age, race, religion; prioritizing the growth and assistance of any client into becoming the best possible human being they can become.

Ultimately, the goal of GA Life Coaching is to ensure that my services empower the client until the client no longer requires them. Being able to stand confidently as a glimmering individual with clarity of purpose, looking forward to the future with hope and determination. This is what GA Life Coaching deems as a successful transition from your former self to the best self you can be.

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