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Lessons learned

So what have I learned from my life experiences so far? There are many lessons learned, but here are a few.

  • Focus on your mental and physical health. There is no better policy than to get into optimal health to live a long and illness-free life.

One of the best things I did that really changed my life was to give up smoking. I went cold turkey and just gave up one afternoon, and I haven’t looked back.

  • Inculcate good habits. Much of life is habitual. We tend to do the same things day after day. But if they are not good habits, they can work against us.  If, of course, they are good habits like eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly, you will be on an upward path of positive behaviour and habits.

  • Take time to think and consider your position in life. Don’t just jump into the next big thing. I jumped from violence into religion without thinking and consideration. Don’t make the same mistake.

  • Set your priorities. What do you value in life? What’s the most important thing to you? 

My priority is my family - my children, my sister, nieces and nephew. I don’t want them ever to make the mistakes I made in life. As such, I have been coaching my niece and nephew to try and make their dreams and wishes come to reality.

  • Set your goals and slowly work towards them. I’ve only recently appreciated the power of setting goals (and I’m still learning). Setting life goals really does give your life direction.

  • Commit to excellence in the things you do. Aspiring to high standards in your life will transform it to new heights.

There are so many more lessons I’ve learned over the years (too many to cover here), and I’m still learning because I consider myself a lifelong learner and a citizen of the world.

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