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The Beginning of Your Journey

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Imagine this!

You are with your client, coaching them to reach their full potential. You are listening intently, understanding everything they are saying and you’re asking powerful, relevant questions. Through your guidance, your client is gaining self-awareness and feels in control, (the first steps in creating the changes in their life and fulfilling their dreams). You are on top form. So how do you achieve this?

Well, it starts with gaining your first paying client.

By providing relevant information about how you understand your customer’s needs and the way you can help them, you will attract business. I also want to suggest that you answer some of the questions that will be going through their minds to show that you are the right person to assist them through coaching. Some relevant questions are given below. Your clients are not hiring a coach, they are hiring solutions to their problems. As such, you will want to show them how you fit the bill.

The Role of a Coach

As you will know, the coach is not to spoon-feed or to make the user dependent. The client is whole, capable and worthy. They are the best person to come up with solutions to the obstacles preventing them from reaching their goals. You bring them awareness, empowerment, guidance and support so they make their wishes in life a reality. 

Telling Stories

Tell the stories of people you have coached. And if you haven’t worked with anyone as yet, explain what your hopes are for a possible relationship. Stories are great holders of attention, because the mind remembers stories more than just unrelated information. We all tend to have some tales and anecdotes we can reel off. Ask yourself this question, ‘What stories do I remember and why can I recollect them?’. You probably remember the tales your parents told or how your grandparents led their lives. This is because they are related chunks of information in our brains, and the brain can reproduce it because it has meaning and a pattern. 


So, how does telling stories fit in with attracting paying business? Well, you could illustrate how you have helped a variety of people through coaching (with their permission, of course) and how they were able to reach from where they were to where they wanted to be, through your service.


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Answering the Right Questions

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  • Who are you and what is your journey to coaching as a profession? You are a coach, but how and why did you come to be one?  What was it that drew you to this line of work? Is it simply because you like helping people or are you passionate about changing lives and having an impact?

  • Will you give potential clients a free discovery call?

  • Why should clients choose you over others?

  • What are your credentials (qualifications, achievements and suitability as a coach)?

  • What do clients say about you? When people see you as a coach, what do they think?

  • Are you someone who can listen in order to understand your client’s needs, wants and desires?

  • Do you focus on the here, now and the future, moving your clients forward and toward their goals? What is your coaching style?

  • How committed are you to the client/coach relationship?

  • Is your coaching client-focused? Do you place the client at the center of the coaching relationship? Is the agenda of the prospect central to your approach? Are you someone who is 100% committed to the goals of your user?

  • Do you make an agreement of commitment with your clients, to emphasise that you need them to be fully on-board in order for change to happen? 

  • How much do you charge for your services?

  • Is your coaching online or in-person?

  • How committed are you to continued professional development (CPD)?

  • Constant improvement in the role of the coach is something all competent professionals engage in. There is always room for betterment. So, you can make it known to your prospects that you are a truly proficient person. That they are in good hands.

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How can I help you gain paying clients?

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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

I am the person who will produce engaging material for attracting your potential customers once they visit your website, blog or promotion material. The text needs to grab and keep the attention of your readers. If you don’t get your reader’s attention within 10-20 seconds, they will go onto something else. Gaining the reader’s interest in order to explain that you are what they are looking for, the missing link in the chain is a must.

I have years of experience as a writer (I have been a writer since 2012) and have researched the life coaching model since 2011. You are welcome to visit my blog to see examples of my writing (the link is below). Importantly for you, I can write engagingly and keep readers reading and persuading them to become willing partners in the client/coach relationship. So, I will produce appealing material which is of high quality, proofread and edited. And I will do it for you so you can win the hearts and minds of paying clients.


So, why not let me take this task of writing the material off your hands, and let me write the text for your website, blog or promotional material saving you time and money. You can email and we'll get things rolling and start getting you some paying prospects.

My fee is only 20 pence per word. So a typical page of 500 words will cost only £100 with two free revisions included.


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