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Would you like your child

to be an A* student?


Well, they can be

with the help of GA Tuition Limited!


Your child's future

We at GA Tuition Limited believe the sky's the limit when it comes to your child's ability to achieve. And we are here to help them. With proper guidance and our experienced and qualified tutors, your child will be the next generation of first-class performers.


Picture this: your child at their graduation ceremony being presented their degree. You will be the proud parents. It'll be the best day of your life.

About GA Tuition Limited

As an organisation, we realise the importance of having a quality education, especially in these competitive times where higher education establishments such as the top sixth form schools as well as universities look for the top-performing students. And we feel that giving your child or children that extra advantage of private tuition will make the path to greater academic and career success that much easier. This is why we exist.


At GA Tuition Limited we want to make a positive difference to the students we tutor. We want them to be the next leaders, the movers and shakers of society. And so, we expect high standards of ourselves and those we teach.


We are experienced teachers and we know our stuff. Our tutors receive guidance and training so that they are well prepared to meet your child’s needs, endeavour to achieve their goals and step up to the plate when required.

Why online tutoring?

Taking into consideration that online education has taken off, we are committed to this form of education and we think it’s convenient and works well for all parties. Much of our learning happens through Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

You can of course be based anywhere in the world and we’d be able to reach you with our tutors. So why not send us a message and we’ll get the ball rolling.

But if you require an at-home tutor, we will be glad to meet this requirement. Just mention it on the contact email you send us.

We cover

English and English as a foreign language:

  • Adults

  • Secondary school level (Year 7 – Year 11; including GCSEs)


Eight reasons why parents choose GA Tuition Limited

  1. Two-week money-back guarantee! Yes, if after two weeks you are not satisfied with our service, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked! (Only applicable for one-hour-per-week sessions).

  2. We'll assess your child's learning needs and act accordingly.

  3. We have competitive rates for tutor hire starting at £25 per hour for one-to-one tuition and group tuition at £15 per student.

  4. We only take on competent and able tutors who are of high quality so that your child’s education will be in the best possible hands.

  5. We give you monthly updates on the progress of your child.

  6. We provide one-to-one support for your child where required.

  7. Many parents are really sold on the idea that extra private tuition is the way forward for their child’s education as the coronavirus pandemic has hit children's education hard.

  8. Refer a friend and get £30. 

GA Tuition Limited

Registered address

86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE


Company number - 13065360

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Mrs Shanara Begum

I am extremely happy with the service I get from GA Tuition. It's professional and always engaging for my son. We are both very happy so well done GA Tuition!

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