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No man is an island, as they say. We all need support and care at some point in our lives and this is when those around us can help. But sometimes this support and care does not materialise. This is something that happened to me; I had no one to help me and I went through a divorce and depression pretty much alone. So I turned to some books for comfort. That eventually led to my interest in self-development and then my quest to find happiness. And it is my ardent belief that happiness is what all of us want, no matter what background we are from. But, unfortunately, we are not taught that we can learn to be happy and that happiness is within our grasp should we seek it and work towards it.

I have read quite a few books on personal development and happiness, so I now feel I can help others who are looking for what I was looking for some years ago. This journey of life sometimes needs to be studied and understood. As the famous statement goes:

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ Plato

I have always wanted to help people in any way I can, but I believe now that I can help them through my writing of articles and books. You see, I believe reading is such an easy and convenient way of gathering knowledge and developing oneself, that it is a no-brainer. I believe in the great benefits of volunteering your services for a worthwhile cause. This can, for example, take the form of helping an organisation whose aims you support. For myself, I volunteer at a library because of my love for books and, to tell you the truth, it makes me feel wonderful. They say that the hand that gives is better than the hand that receives. So, let’s become those with the hand that gives.

Volunteer, and help people or an organisation. It has to be said that if you are kind enough to help someone, you will feel good about it; it will add to your happiness.

There is a vast amount of knowledge out there on every subject you can think of and, for me, libraries are an inexpensive way of gaining access to that wealth of knowledge. Membership is free and, if any book you want is not in stock, you can order it for a minimal fee.

I believe that your happiness can be boosted when you’re out there meeting people, helping out and generally socialising, rather than being stuck at home in front of the TV.

My main forte, if you like, is ideologies and civilisations. But my interests do not stop there; I have a number of hobbies: project management, learning the Bengali and English languages, and personal development. Now, that’s enough for me to be getting along with. And all this came about because of my love of books. Never stop learning; successful people are life-long learners.

I hope you can also develop a number of subjects or areas of expertise to broaden your horizons and gain success in your life. This will give you more of a chance to experience happiness. Learn to play snooker, football or badminton, learn bird watching; the list is endless. Make these activities into hobbies for greater appreciation and a better chance of hitting that happy spot.

Make sure you think about what success means for you, so that you are not just chasing other people’s dreams. We all have different ideas of what ‘success’ means to us. So, invest some time in brainstorming ‘success’ − what it means and how to get there. I am hopeful that this booklet will help you get there.

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